Gutsy Tutor: 10 Signs Your Child Needs Extra Lessons

As a parent it is sometimes difficult to know when your child is struggling and needs extra help They are often embarrassed and feel insecure, and would rather not mention that they are struggling. How are you to decipher that their turbulent teenage tantrums could be stemming from something other than those horrific hormones? Do you come to the full realization only when you are faced with the drop in their report card? Or do you determine now whether your child requires an extra boost to not only lift their marks, but their self esteem too? Carla van Staden tells us how.


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Gutsy Tutor: Help your Child Study Without a Fight

It’s been a long day, you’re tired and yet again the living room is filled with outbursts of “Stop telling me how it’s done!” or “I don’t need your help!” from your child as you vow to say calm not thwack them over the head. Does this sound familiar? Expert tutor Carla van Staden shares her top tips on how to help your child study without it ending in tears.

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Tips to Survive High School

If you want to survive High School you actually have to pass. That's a sound tip from Carla van Staden from Gutsy Tutoring. Carla knows all about High School and how to cruise through it. Here's her advice to students.

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